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Witch convicted of leaking WWII secrets


Campaigners are calling for a medium who spent nine-months in prison during WWII after informing a sailor that his battleship had sank, to be pardoned. The Admiralty had covered up the sinking of HMS Barham, which was torpedoed by the Germans in November 1941 with the loss of more than 800 lives, to maintain wartime morale. But the veil of secrecy was soon torn apart when Helen Duncan told a couple during a seance that their son, a serving sailor on the ship, had appeared from the spirit world to tell them his ship had sunk. In one of the most bizarre acts of the Second World War, she was accused of leaking military secrets during the seance and went on to become the last witch jailed for performing black magic in the UK.

Now campaigners are calling for the mother-of-six, who spent nine months in Holloway Prison, North London, to be pardoned to remove the stigma attached to her case from her surviving relatives. A petition demanding a posthumous pardon for Mrs Duncan has been handed in to the Scottish Parliament by a group of mediums. A similar petition to the Home Office last year failed to secure a pardon, after the Criminal Cases Review Commission ruled that it would not be in the public interest.

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