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The Medicine Woman Herbal – Part II

by Kiva Rose Hardin

“The neophyte turns… either voluntarily, ritually, or spontaneously through sickness… towards the mysterium. This change of direction can be accomplished only through ‘an obedience to awareness’.”
–Joan Halifax The Wounded Healer

In earliest human memory, a “Granny-Woman” walks the woodlands, carrying home a basket of roots or a bundle of bark and moss. In a riverside village nearly two hundred years ago, the “herbwyfe” tended her hearth, stirring a sweet smelling brew with a lovingly carved cottonwood spoon. Somewhere high in the Carolina hills just yesterday, an herbalist brought a thick, powerful medicine to a child suffering from an antibiotic resistant lung infection. And yet, the Medicine Woman is not just a gentle soul who dispenses cures and comfort, but a powerful woman who pro-actively contributes to the well being of the whole, and commits herself to both an essential personal code of honor, and the foundational principles of the Medicine Woman Tradition.

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