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Rumored “Big War” Causes School Lock-Down

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

A mess is brewing in Louisiana. On Tuesday, Farmerville High School was sent into lock-down after rumors of a “big war” between two groups of students reached school officials. Making the matter even more complicated is the fact that one of the rival groups (allegedly) claim to be a Wiccan coven. Who threatened who? Good question! According to School Superintendent Steven Dozier, it was the Wiccans who threated a rival group of teens at the school. But a subsequent news story doesn’t make that claim, and a story filed the day after the lock-down noted that the “big war” rumors have been floating around for nearly eight months.

“Two departments took protective measures at Farmerville High School on Tuesday after hearing rumors of a “big war” and that some students had formed a Wiccan coven, officials said … “Farmerville police received information over the weekend that threats of violence had allegedly been made against a group of students at Farmerville High School.” Those threats were to be carried out Tuesday, according to a news release from the sheriff and chief. Detectives from both agencies determined a student had allegedly said a “big war” would occur. They also learned that a group of students had allegedly formed what they referred to as a “Wicca” and had carried out “certain ritualistic ceremonies that included self-mutilation of their arms and legs,” the release stated.”

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