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Dowsing — How’s it done?


They are usually two L-shaped rods made from brass or some other lightweight metal. Or it could be a small crystal suspended at the end of a chain. For thousands of years, these simple tools have helped people find underground water or detect the presence of a ghost. The art of dowsing or divination has been around for centuries and even those who practice it don’t really know how it works. The American Society of Dowsers once stated “the reasons the procedures work are entirely unknown.” Dowsing is most often used to find underground water but it can also be used to find an unmarked grave, determine the sex of an unborn child or find a spirit. Many people refer to it as “water witching.”

In most cases, the dowser will search an area using a single Y-shaped rod or two L-shaped rods in both hands. The dowser will first concentrate on whatever it is he is looking for and then walk in whatever direction that the rods will lead him. They are supposed to point toward any energy that might be present. When the dowser hits the right spot, the Y-shaped rod will bend down to the ground. If he is using the two L-shaped rods, they should cross over one another when he gets to the right spot. The rods are usually about 2 feet long and bent into an L-shape, which fits into the hands. The dowser should hold the rods loosely so that they can swing easily back and forth.

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