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Dame Alice Kyteler – Sorceress of Auld

Dame Alice Kyteler (pronounced Kettler), unknown to many who practice Witchcraft today has in important place in the annals of Witchcraft history. Born in Kilkenny Ireland, Lady Alice or Dame Alice as she was also known was one of the first to be formally tried by the Catholic Church for Sorcery in 1324. Her crime? The Bishop of Ossory, Richard Ledrede, claimed that she and eleven of her family and friends (see list of names below) had transgressions of numerous supernatural types ranging from being heretics to having nocturnal meetings with the Devil himself among the other Unhallowed Artes they practiced.

She, Dame Alice, was also known to have a Magistellus or Demon/Familiar (called Robinus Filius Artis, Robin Artisson or Robin, Son of Art) that came to her in the form of an animal, sometimes in the form of a cat and sometimes in the form of a large black, shaggy dog, and at times even in the form of a black man who was attended by two swarthy servants that carried iron rods. It is with the primary demon Robin, considered to be from the poorer classes of hell, that Dame Alice had sexual congress and from whom she exacted all her wealth.

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