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Do Olympia residents support government intrusion?

by Rick Taylor

I ran across a Wiccan in Olympia recently. I wasn’t surprised because Olympia prides itself on being a bastion for liberal causes and lifestyles. But I might have been wrong about him, and maybe Olympia, too. We spoke briefly of his beliefs before our paths diverted. He said Wiccans prefer their food from nature, as part of the natural cycle, which includes hunting your own meat. I later realized his Wiccan dining desires necessarily lead to conservative views on gun ownership, hunting restrictions, and who is allowed to catch how much salmon. He must resent all of the government restrictions on the naturally free lifestyle he would like to lead.

I wonder if he knows how conservative he is. I wonder if Olympia knows how conservative it is. The annual Oly Hempfest seems liberal, but it protests that government is too much into our lives and won’t let us do what we want with the temple of our own bodies. The government that allows women to abort their child’s inconvenient life does not allow them to abort their own life by letting them smoke pot or snort coke. We can’t even go to a tavern to enjoy a cigarette with a beer after a hard day. The government dictated those choices for us.

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