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Divination as Counseling

by Judy Harrow

If divination is priestly work, a form of spiritual counseling for Wiccans, then it has to be both good counseling and good Craft. Because we read in our role as priest/esses, our working assumptions should be consistent with the values of our religion. Because we read for the purpose of spiritual counseling, we should use good general counseling techniques with our querents.

The secular counseling profession has a professional philosophy of its own. That could create complications but it doesn’t. The core values of Wiccan spirituality and the counseling profession are completely consistent, even though the vocabulary is often quite different. I often see or hear of readings being done using both methods and assumptions completely discordant with both Wiccan values and counseling methods, It’s possible that, for those readers divination is simply not a form of Wiccan spiritual counseling. Certainly there are plenty of non-Wiccan readers. In fact, an entire separate network of “secular psychics” exists out there.

Read the original article at: Counseling Basics for Wiccan Clergy

Read the original article at: Counseling Basics for Wiccan Clergy

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