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Reconstructionist Paganism

by Trish Deneen

As we move forward into the technological age of the 21st century, it may seem ironic that an emerging branch of Paganism is that of the reconstructionist movement, which looks to historic polytheistic practices and mythological sources for inspiration. Turning to pre-Christian cultures for help in constructing a meaningful religion is nothing new to neopaganism. What reconstructionists attempt to do however is steer away from eclecticism in favor of a culturally specific approach to connecting with the divine.

A great deal of neopaganism has combined components of occultism and magic such as Hermetic philosophy with mythology of different cultures to create new traditions. An example of this is the use of the four elements and the magic circle used in Wiccan traditions and honoring gods from different pantheons. Reconstructionists believe that these ideas support a one-size-fits-all path. They don’t disparage a universal spirituality, but in order to provide authenticity to their path, they research how the ancestors of their chosen culture worshipped the gods and lived their Paganism in daily life.

Read the original article at: Bella

Read the original article at: Bella

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