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Why so many Americans are embracing witchcraft?

by David Kupelian

So there I was, listening intently to local radio talker Bob White interviewing a witch. Yes, a real witch – and a male one at that. The guest sounded New Agey and effeminate, but harmless enough, and painted a colorful picture of what modern-day witches, or “Wiccans,” believe and do. You know, god-and-goddess worship, preparing herbal remedies, casting spells, caring for the Earth and so on – all couched in terms that sounded almost reasonable, or at least tolerable in a diverse society like ours. But then he got to the part about their nighttime ceremonies, during which everybody – men and women – would get stark raving naked, dance and chant in the moonlight, have sex, worship Gaia, cast spells and invoke the blessing of various spirits.

When he finished describing this bizarre scene, there followed a long, pregnant pause before Bob White responded. Assuming the host to be as shocked as I was, for a moment I savored the prospect of his imminent rebuke – or at least some expression of surprise. But when White finally responded, he exclaimed emphatically: “I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with that!”

Amazing. Here I was, living in “conservative” rural Oregon, and a local talk-show host expresses dismay that anybody could have even the slightest problem with naked witches sexing each other in the moonlight while summoning spirits and casting spells. Now, the really interesting part of this story is that “Bob White” was actually the on-air radio name for none other than Neale Donald Walsch, who shortly thereafter became the internationally mega-best-selling author of “Conversations with God” and several sequels.

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