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The Resurgence of Paganism in Europe

by Hrafnkell
I was Googling the other day (what a weird word!) and came across an article that increases in importance when taken alongside the study about America’s declining Christian population. This study relates not to the United States but to Europe and it would seem that Europe has the same “problem.” The article in question, by Michael Cooper, assistant professor of Christian Ministries in the School of Biblical and Religious Studies at Trinity International University, appeared in the Winter/Spring 2004 issue of Sacred Tribes the “Journal of Christian Missions to New Religious Movements” and is titled CONTRIBUTING FACTORS IN THE RESURGENCE OF PAGANISM IN WESTERN SOCIETY.

Cooper begins by observing that “Based on…somewhat ambiguous statistics, it seems apparent that Paganism is reviving in Western society and, in some cases, the growth rate seems to be nothing less than phenomenal.” Cooper finds 5 factors contributing to the resurgence of Paganism:

1. Christianization of Europe led to many Pagan practices being “integrated into the church and were never completely extinguished. Cooper believes that in a sense it is incorrect to talk about a “resurgence” of Paganism since “For all practical purposes, paganism was hiding in the church.”
2. Re-enchantment of the world, which he calls a “a characteristic feature of postmodernity”, as a result of “the failure of modernity to fulfill meaning in life”.

Read the original article at: Heathens Day

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