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Circle Around Death

by Sue Curewitz Arthen

Death dances around us constantly. Watching the seasons change, mourning the loss of a familiar four-footed or winged friend, aching for the Maypole tree that once stood tall and green, we honor the death of all living things as part of the wheel of life. Losing a parent, love, child or friend is different. Our sensitivity to human death is heightened by our connection to human energy. And energy, transformation, and life are what we dance with as we circle around death.

Our concept of death reveals the profound wish that we may all “fly like eagles,” that we are “drops of rain returning to the ocean,” and that we will die in a circle of candles and chanting friends. This perspective of death is very pretty, and at first it was appalling to think that we, as Pagans, are denying some of the grimmer realities, like the reality that many of us will die in hospitals, in pain, with “work” undone. Although we do have aesthetic, hopeful images of the process of transformation from matter to spirit, it is not because we are evading unpleasant truths, but rather that we are in a relationship with energies we are just beginning to “know” and as yet have no better way to describe.

Read the original article at: Fireheart

Read the original article at: Fireheart

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