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The Name of the Witch

by Fritz Muntean

As our movement grows, a need for acceptance by the broader culture is causing a mantle of genteel respectability to be drawn over some of the darker and more powerful aspects of the Witch. Many in the Craft, under the otherwise laudable banner of Pagan public relations, have begun insisting that Witch power is only constructive and good, and that all the darkness surrounding popular Witch mythology is the slanderous work of repressive patriarchal agencies.

At a recent national festival, several examples of this “White Witch” mentality were in evidence. There was yet another video presentation on the “Burning Times” implying that all the Cathars, astrologers, Jews, black-mass monks, alchemists, Unitarians, Protestants, Catholics, heretics, herbalists, Manacheans, midwives and Muslims, who were condemned by the Inquisition as “Satanists,” were actually all Witches — innocent and benign Witches at that — just like us. (And we wonder why the public confuses Paganism with Devil worship!) Another was the campaign to protest and boycott Jim Henson’s movie, “The Witches”.

Read the original article at: Trine Conjureworks

Read the original article at: Trine Conjureworks

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