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White Witchcraft

White Witchcraft© 2004-2005 Phae TalonFrom: Into the Land of the PhaePublished with permission by author

You just had to go and get me started …

I think that I am finally getting to the point where the mere mention of this phrase makes me want to run screaming from the room. But let me . . . → Read More: White Witchcraft


by Adrian Harris

What is Eco-Paganism? Who are the Eco-Pagans?

Ethnographic research has established that there is a distinct Eco-Pagan practice and sensibility (Clysdale, 2002; Harris, 1996 and 2001; Letcher 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005; Plows, 1998 and 2001; Westwood and Walbridge, n.d.) Eco-Paganism is a strand of Contemporary Paganism. Eco-Pagans partly express their . . . → Read More: Eco-Paganism

Wiccan Prayer Beads

by Amelia Tucker

Using a mnemonic as a way to meditate has been used in spiritualism for eons. as far as we can tell, it began with knotted strings and over time evolved into the Chinese Abacus and then into prayer or meditation beads. By no means were the Catholics the inventor of this soothing . . . → Read More: Wiccan Prayer Beads

Witches’ Brouhaha

by Graeme Wood

The Scottish parliament is considering a pardon for Helen Duncan, the last woman jailed under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Some initiatives — such as this pardon — have merit, even though their proponents are groups that exist in part to support those who have “experienced poltergeist activity.” Helen Duncan spent . . . → Read More: Witches’ Brouhaha

Dream Symbols – Crashes, Wrecks and Accidents

by Aisling Ireland

Out of control vehicles are common dream symbols. Typically, these symbols represent some area of out lives that we feel is out of control. The more personal the vehicle that is crashing or out of control, the more closely related it is to our selves. For example, cars are vehicles which we . . . → Read More: Dream Symbols – Crashes, Wrecks and Accidents

Witch convicted of leaking WWII secrets


Campaigners are calling for a medium who spent nine-months in prison during WWII after informing a sailor that his battleship had sank, to be pardoned. The Admiralty had covered up the sinking of HMS Barham, which was torpedoed by the Germans in November 1941 with the loss of more than 800 lives, . . . → Read More: Witch convicted of leaking WWII secrets

The Martenitsa

by Libby Gomersall

Baba Marta, or Granny March, represents the advent of spring. After a harsh winter she is welcomed with open arms on March 1. The celebration is steeped in years of history and tradition with some interesting legends surrounding its origins and the wearing of those red and white bands . . . → Read More: The Martenitsa

The Medicine Woman Herbal – Part II

by Kiva Rose Hardin

“The neophyte turns… either voluntarily, ritually, or spontaneously through sickness… towards the mysterium. This change of direction can be accomplished only through ‘an obedience to awareness’.” –Joan Halifax The Wounded Healer

In earliest human memory, a “Granny-Woman” walks the woodlands, carrying home a basket of roots or a bundle of bark . . . → Read More: The Medicine Woman Herbal – Part II

Ars Arcana: Magic in the Roman World

Magic. The enunciation of this term can stir contrasting reactions in the minds of men: suspicion, fear, doubt, mockery… It is a controversial term, mostly because its definition leads to subjective interpretation and its connotation has varied across the centuries.

An interesting definition of magic was offered by French historian Jean Bottèro: “it’s a system . . . → Read More: Ars Arcana: Magic in the Roman World

Soothsaying court battle useless waste


The Livingston Parish Council recently remained silent on an issue of religious freedom when council members failed to repeal an ordinance they enacted last year prohibiting soothsaying. At the time they approved the ordinance, some council members might have been able to claim they didn’t realize they were treading on . . . → Read More: Soothsaying court battle useless waste