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Pagan gathering spells worry for some Christians

Some Christian groups in Scotland are anxious about druids, wiccans and other traditional religionists from across the UK gathering in a small north-east community this summer, reports the Scotsman newspaper. While some Christians remain anxious about wiccan, pagan and druid philosophies, others argue that the history of organised Christianity in demonising and suppressing ancient religions . . . → Read More: Pagan gathering spells worry for some Christians

Partial Solar Eclipse February 7

The first solar eclipse of 2008 occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in Capricornus. An annular eclipse will be visible from a wide track, that traverses Antarctica and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much larger path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes the southeastern third . . . → Read More: Partial Solar Eclipse February 7

Playful Pagan Kid Clothing

by Patti Wigington

Although I don’t normally post blogs about commercial websites, every once in a while something really unique comes up, and these are the ones I find worth mentioning. I found this while searching through some old links in my Faves file. Check out Little Pagans: Playful Clothing for the Magical Child. They . . . → Read More: Playful Pagan Kid Clothing

Imbolc and the Celtic Wheel of the Year

by Herbis Orbis

If you’re familiar with the Celtic wheel of the year, you probably know that it’s based on an agrarian cycle. And while most people reading this are probably not farmers or particularly tied in with the growing seasons of the earth, the archetypes upon which the wheel of the year rely are . . . → Read More: Imbolc and the Celtic Wheel of the Year

The Groundhog Stirs

by Sandy Beverly

The current warm-up has sure got me thinking of spring. It’s a harbinger of beautiful times to come. But even without this warm-up, many of our animal friends would be thinking of spring already. I used to think that spring made an appearance in March and hit full-on in April. Turns . . . → Read More: The Groundhog Stirs

Can You Be a Christo-Pagan in Prison?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

In the wake of a lawsuit, the Washington Department of Corrections has altered its policy regarding a prisoner’s adherence to multiple faiths. Under the old rules, an inmate had to get written permission from each faith before being able to claim dual adherence. Now, those barriers have been removed, and any inmate . . . → Read More: Can You Be a Christo-Pagan in Prison?

‘Witch burning’ causes outrage

A plan by a Swedish band to symbolically burn a witch on stage in the country’s Eurovision heats has led to outrage from feminists. Nordman, an ethnopop duo and regular in the Melodifestivalen competition, plans the witch-burning as part of its set in the Karlskrona heats on March 1st. In the act, a woman will . . . → Read More: ‘Witch burning’ causes outrage

Occult reaches students, staff

by Hannah Tyler

For some at Ohio State, the occult is a field of academic interest, but for some students it is a way of life. Arthur Holmes, an undecided freshman, is a satanist and chaos magician. His experience with the occult has been positive, but he said that the public generally misunderstands satanism. “We . . . → Read More: Occult reaches students, staff

The Creed of the Magus

by Amanda I think we all have seen this axiom before and maybe we paid attention and maybe we didn’t:


Starting with the first ideal TO KNOW: In this first concept we are looking at something that is actually multi faceted. The first thing any person . . . → Read More: The Creed of the Magus

When Faiths Collide


Prison chaplain struggles with new multiple-faith rule – Tom Suss loves his job. A chaplain at McNeil Island prison, he’s been with the state Department of Corrections for more than 15 years. “It’s really a privilege to work there,” the 63-year-old Catholic priest said in a recent interview. “When there’s the opportunity . . . → Read More: When Faiths Collide