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The King and Queen Meet in the Morning

by Paul Derrick

Friday morning (Feb. 1), Jupiter, the king of the sky gods, and Venus, the queen, pass breathtakingly close as dawn begins to break.

If you’re not a morning person, make this one an exception as the sight will be worth getting up for. And if you are normally up and out in the mornings, you’ll want to start watching now as the drama is unfolding. Currently Venus, the brighter of the two, is above Jupiter, but each morning she coyly edges two moonwidths closer. When she catches him, she’ll be just a moonwidth to his left. But that’s not all. Another piece of the drama is occurring further up as the crescent Moon is marching toward the couple at the pace of a moonstride each morning. (Hold your hand at arm’s length while making a “hook ‘em horns” sign; the distance between your extended fingers is a moonstride.)

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