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by Trish Deneen

Humans love to celebrate and to create rituals and traditions around those celebrations. Modern Paganism utilizes rituals for holy days, lunar observances, magic, and for personal rites such coming of age, initiations, and weddings. To those outside of Paganism, the word ritual itself sometimes will evoke images of some sinister practice being performed in a dark, out of the way place in the woods. For Pagans, ritual is one way to interact with the divine in all things. We will look at two meanings of the word and how ritual is actually a common theme in all of our lives.

All of us have daily rituals whether we are of a spiritual bent or not. We wake up, bathe, dress, and perform our usual daily activites. This repetition of actions over and over is the basic definition of ritual. Our routines, which are the order in which we perform the daily rituals, may change, but the rituals themselves will generally stay the same. What transforms a ritual act from mundane to spiritual is adding ceremony or carrying out your ritual in a sacred way.

Read the original article at: Bella

Read the original article at: Bella

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