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Connections between SF and Pagan thought

by Yvonne Aburrow

There are many spiritual and religious ideas in science fiction, but there are several connections between science and speculative fiction and Pagan thought; it is also noticeable that many Pagans read science fiction and fantasy, and are influenced by its ideas. From the earliest stirrings of science fiction and fantasy in the Romantic movement, when writers looked to ancient myths and despaired of the Industrial Revolution, we see reflected the ecological and social concerns of Pagan thinking.

Writers became more optimistic about technology with the arrival of science fiction as a genre, but it was then that visions of alternative societies came to the fore. Paganisms offer an alternative way of looking at the world, a different set of ideals to strive for, and a critique of our own society; so does speculative and science fiction. Further, modern science fiction deals positively with sex, and so does Pagan thinking. The sexual themes explored in SF include polyamory, bisexuality, homosexuality, and other forms of sexual freedom, which are also advocated by many Pagan writers. Ideas about nudity are also explored (an issue dear to the heart of Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca, and Ross Nicholls, the founder of OBOD). In this area there is a fruitful crossover between feminisms, Paganisms, and SF. There is also quite a lot of gay and lesbian SF.

Read the original article at: The Yew Tree

Read the original article at: The Yew Tree

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