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Toronto Pagans target beauty pageant

By Georgie Binks

Toronto pagans are mobilizing against a beauty pageant being held Saturday night, after one of the judges was rejected because she is a fan of the occult. They plan to picket the Waterfront Radisson Admiral, where the Miss Toronto Tourism pageant will be held, saying organizers have violated Stephanie Conover’s human rights.

. . . → Read More: Toronto Pagans target beauty pageant

Solmonath Disting Rites and Sedes

Solmonath also called Éowomeoluc (an Anglo-Saxon word either based on the Celtic Imbolc or vice versa) was one of the tides most persecuted by the Christian church. Of its rites, only the blessing of the plow was allowed to continue along with the observation of the ground hog’s habitual looking for his shadow. According to . . . → Read More: Solmonath Disting Rites and Sedes

Nine Herbs Charm

Remember, Mugwort, what you revealed, What you arranged at Regenmeld. You were called Una, oldest of herbs, Power against three and against thirty, Power against poison and against venom, Power against the enemy who travels over the earth.

And you, Plantain, mother of herbs, Opening from eastward, inwardly mighty; Over you carts creaked, over you . . . → Read More: Nine Herbs Charm

Asperging to Cleanse/Purify a Space

Asperging means sprinkling with liquid in order to effect spiritual and magical cleansing. This is an ancient rite, just like burning loose incense. Asperging rituals direct the elemental power of Water – the number one Energy that can be used for cleansing and purification. (One can also scatter water as a drawing agent for positive . . . → Read More: Asperging to Cleanse/Purify a Space

Up-Helly-Aa, Scotland’s Viking Fire Festival

One of Britain’s most remote communities came together Tuesday to celebrate its Viking heritage with a spectacular festival of fire and fancy dress. During Up-Helly-Aa, hundreds of residents of the Shetland Islands off northern Scotland dressed up as Norsemen — complete with helmets, chain mail and axes — or in other fancy dress for . . . → Read More: Up-Helly-Aa, Scotland’s Viking Fire Festival

The King and Queen Meet in the Morning

by Paul Derrick

Friday morning (Feb. 1), Jupiter, the king of the sky gods, and Venus, the queen, pass breathtakingly close as dawn begins to break.

If you’re not a morning person, make this one an exception as the sight will be worth getting up for. And if you are normally up and out . . . → Read More: The King and Queen Meet in the Morning


by Trish Deneen

Humans love to celebrate and to create rituals and traditions around those celebrations. Modern Paganism utilizes rituals for holy days, lunar observances, magic, and for personal rites such coming of age, initiations, and weddings. To those outside of Paganism, the word ritual itself sometimes will evoke images of some sinister practice being . . . → Read More: Ritual

Dorje: Diamond scepter

by Jennifer Emick

Dorje in Tibetan means ‘indestructible.’ The Dorje is the Tibetan Buddhist equivalent of the double terminated Hindu ritual tool known as the Vajre, or thunderbolt. It represents masculine force, sudden inspiration, the ‘cutting’ of ignorance and illusion. In rituals it is always paired with the singing bell, or Ghanta, its feminine counterpart. . . . → Read More: Dorje: Diamond scepter

Australia apology to Aborigines

The Australian government has announced it will issue its first formal apology to Aboriginal people when parliament resumes next month. Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said the apology would be the first item of business when the new legislature convened on 13 February. It is aimed at the “Stolen Generations” – Aboriginal children taken from . . . → Read More: Australia apology to Aborigines

Connections between SF and Pagan thought

by Yvonne Aburrow

There are many spiritual and religious ideas in science fiction, but there are several connections between science and speculative fiction and Pagan thought; it is also noticeable that many Pagans read science fiction and fantasy, and are influenced by its ideas. From the earliest stirrings of science fiction and fantasy in the . . . → Read More: Connections between SF and Pagan thought