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When Purpose Calls

by Michael J. Tamura

You could say, that on that night under the spell of the full moon, we were broadsided by love in a fur coat. Both a beauty and a beast, she entered our lives and sauntered right into our hearts. Today, she’s been a beloved member of our family for over fourteen years. I can’t imagine a life now that didn’t include this nine-pound wonder with a perfect black and white Taoist yin-yang symbol encircling her regal nose. And, true to her marking, she’s been a living example of the flow of polarities: one moment a princess and the next a huntress, now a Zen monk and then a Ninja assassin. She’s been a model of living in the moment and a master of relaxation, yoga, and kung fu. She’s demonstrated amazing telepathic abilities, astral projection, and telekinesis. But, above all, she’s taught me, time and again, that love never gives up – she’ll bite you if you cross her line, but she will always forgive you and love you all over anew. Ever since she entered our lives, it’s been like having a resident magician regularly pulling treasures of life lessons out of the empty hat. Of course, we had aptly named her “Magic.”

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