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Scott (Cunningham) and Me

by Donald Michael Kraig

The sun finally came out…and so did the mold and mildew. Michael could no longer give massage classes in our smelly home and we both decided we’d have to move. Michael and his son didn’t move too far, but I was looking for a change. I visited a friend’s occult shop and looked on the bulletin board. Someone looking for a roommate had posted a 3” x 5” card. “Do you know anything about the guy who posted this?” I asked Judith, the shop owner. “That’s Scott. He’s a writer and Wiccan. Sometimes he teaches classes.”

“Hmmm, “ I thought. “Well, it would be nice to share a place with an occultist, and the location is much closer to the city.” I called and visited the apartment. It was on the corner of Fairmount and Orange, just down the way from the stadium used by the San Diego Chargers and Padres professional sports teams. I parked, walked around the large chalkboard that was covered with Christian evangelical verses on display to drivers passing by, and walked up the stairs. Scott invited me in and showed me what would be my room. I measured it (I had brought a tape measure with me), and it seemed like everything I had would barely fit there. But the fact that it was the exact minimum size that would work intrigued me and seemed to be an auspicious sign. We shook hands, and just like that—and for the next several years—I would share an apartment with Scott Cunningham. It changed my life.

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