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Witchcraft Permitted … A View of Now and Then

by Crystal Crone

….That was until I came to his result for Religious Education, which is compulsory as an exam for all students in the UK. He got a U, which meant he underachieved with a grade of only 15%. My heart sank at that point as his tutor had added a comment about her set piece named “Thinking about God”, a question of morality and faith and how she thought that if my grandson had paid more attention to it, he MIGHT have achieved a better mark!

How so? I thought. The Christian God has no monopoly on morality, or even faith, as far as I could see, so I sat down with him and asked him for his thoughts on this and why was his grade so low. This almost sixteen year old gave me a lesson in life that I shall be quite content to carry with me to journey’s end for sure. First of all, he pointed out that his mother, my dear departed daughter, had taught him and his brothers and sister the basics of ALL faiths when they were very young. She had told him that this was because he would one day have to find his own belief system and if he had a little knowledge of what was there for him to seek, the choices he would make would be a bit easier for him.

Read the original article at: Witchvox

Read the original article at: Witchvox

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