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Yule Countdown: Wonderful Wassail

by Patti Wigington

At the risk of sounding like a Pagan version of Martha Stewart, one of the things I love about the winter holidays is the food. There’s lots of it, and it appears in all different sizes, shapes, and smells. Breads, meats, desserts… you name it, I’m probably baking it some time in . . . → Read More: Yule Countdown: Wonderful Wassail

Wildcrafting Ethics and Complexities

By Bruce Buren

I’m a lazy guy who enjoys the outdoors and good people, so the growing of native plants in their natural habitat provides the perfect setting for me. The less I do, the better the plants like it, and the people who share my passion tend to be good people. Of course, . . . → Read More: Wildcrafting Ethics and Complexities

Scott (Cunningham) and Me

by Donald Michael Kraig

The sun finally came out…and so did the mold and mildew. Michael could no longer give massage classes in our smelly home and we both decided we’d have to move. Michael and his son didn’t move too far, but I was looking for a change. I visited a friend’s occult . . . → Read More: Scott (Cunningham) and Me

Starhawk and Sexual Ethics

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Author, activist, and On Faith panelist Starhawk weighs in on the issue of political sex scandals. She starts off with explaining that most modern Pagans don’t have the same sexual restrictions and hang-ups as many monotheist traditions.

“To Pagans, sexuality is sacred, for it holds within it the possibility of deep, loving, . . . → Read More: Starhawk and Sexual Ethics

Religion and Women: Chains That Still Bind

Susan Jacoby Author and reporter

As a freethinker and a feminist, I have always found it baffling that women, as a group, are more religious than men. Every public opinion survey reveals this “faith gap” between the sexes, in spite of the fact that the world’s major religions have treated women as inferior beings . . . → Read More: Religion and Women: Chains That Still Bind

Witchcraft Permitted … A View of Now and Then

by Crystal Crone

….That was until I came to his result for Religious Education, which is compulsory as an exam for all students in the UK. He got a U, which meant he underachieved with a grade of only 15%. My heart sank at that point as his tutor had added a comment about . . . → Read More: Witchcraft Permitted … A View of Now and Then

The Gentians

by Richo Cech

The root of gentian stimulates the salivary glands and the digestion, while the flowers of this fantastic plant have long excited the gardener and the alpine hiker. The genus Gentiana is extremely diverse, represented by over 200 distinct species worldwide. The plants are distributed globally, mainly occurring in alpine regions. In . . . → Read More: The Gentians

How Goji Berries Work

Goji berries — pronounced “go-gee” — are a recent hot commodity in the increasingly trendy high-end health food industry. These delicate red berries, traditionally grown in the Himalayan valleys of China, Mongolia and Tibet, as well as in the Xingjiang and Ningxia provinces of China, have been featured on Oprah, and celebrities like Madonna, Mischa . . . → Read More: How Goji Berries Work

Wiccan pentacle may join manger

The Nativity scene outside a municipal building near Buffalo could soon be sharing space with a Wiccan pentacle. Olean Mayor David Carucci has given a local resident permission to set up a pentacle next to the Nativity scene outside the Olean Municipal Building.

Carucci authorized the manger scene for a private group without notifying the . . . → Read More: Wiccan pentacle may join manger

U.K. teacher sentenced to jail in teddy bear case

A British schoolteacher was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in jail and will be deported from Sudan for allowing her students to name a teddy bear after the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, was convicted by a Sudanese court of inciting religious hatred. She will be deported after completion of her sentence.

The British . . . → Read More: U.K. teacher sentenced to jail in teddy bear case