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Traditional Practice vs. Eclecticism

Traditions are similar to the denominations of Christianity. Each Tradition, or Trad, has its own distinct beliefs, and those beliefs differ to some degree from the beliefs of other Traditions. Joining a Tradition generally requires a considerable amount of training provided (for free) by a coven in order to properly pass down the teachings of . . . → Read More: Traditional Practice vs. Eclecticism

Feri Tradition Elder’s Memoir to be Published

Cora Anderson, the cofounder of the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft, has written a new book, Childhood Memories, which is scheduled for release from Acorn Guild Press on Nov. 7. Anderson, who turns 93 in January, recounts her life and work in the Craft, from her impoverished childhood in rural Alabama to her marriage to the . . . → Read More: Feri Tradition Elder’s Memoir to be Published

Sacred Samhain

by Molly Hall Nagy

This time of the year is more than just an excuse to eat lots of those mini candy bars (which I love) — it’s a sacred time to honor the Beloved Dead, and draw on Scorpio’s deep well. The veil not only drops between those of us in physical form and . . . → Read More: Sacred Samhain

The Whole World In Their Hands”

A long time ago there were people who worshiped the Gods. Some of these people lived in cities – others lived in the countryside. Some of the them could read and write – others were illiterate. Some of the them were rich and powerful, some of them were poor and some of them were slaves. . . . → Read More: The Whole World In Their Hands”

The Story of the Witch of Monroe


Ed Coffey, the town historian of Monroe, has researched a lot of local legends and lore over the years, but one of his most intriguing subjects is Hannah Cranna, the so-called witch of Monroe. “I was probably in my late teens when I first heard of Hannah Cranna,” said Coffey, now . . . → Read More: The Story of the Witch of Monroe

My life as a Pagan priestess

ALL her life, Janis Oulfkih had been searching for something. What it was, she couldn’t exactly say – until she stumbled across a magazine article which struck a resounding chord… “It was called ‘What’s a Pagan?’,” explains Janis. “I read it and thought ‘That’s exactly me; that’s what I am’. Looking back, I think I’d . . . → Read More: My life as a Pagan priestess

Medieval Wiccans

by Jennifer Emick

Usually, I find long-winded “histories” of the ancient Wiccans of yore quite frustrating…but this one is so bad, I just had to give in and laugh myself silly. This has to be the ultimate warning to reporters to double-check anything an interviewee tells you. Among the things you never knew because they . . . → Read More: Medieval Wiccans

Why Pagans Aren’t Really Pagan

Pagan is one of those wonderful words. We Christians can use it when we mean people who have ceased to believe in monotheism but have started believing in lots of other stuff (forces, etc.). I thought a lot about this over the summer after seeing a group of druid-wannabe’s at Stonehenge. They were dressed for . . . → Read More: Why Pagans Aren’t Really Pagan

Samhain celebrates lives of the departed


Most people celebrate Halloween by donning costumes and collecting candy. For the Rev. Theresa McReynolds, a chiropractor from Atlantic City, October is a special, holy time to honor loved ones who have died. At home, McReynolds creates a special altar with pictures and mementoes. She cooks special meals that include their favorite . . . → Read More: Samhain celebrates lives of the departed

From Pagans to Christians

By the early part of the second century it appears that the Christians, because they’re no longer being viewed as a sect of Judaism, are really being considered by their pagan neighbors as another one of these foreign cults that have crept into the Roman world, and clearly in some cases it’s causing a great . . . → Read More: From Pagans to Christians