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The Halloween Witch

by Amelia Tucker

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! No matter how you look at this day, it can be tiring to see the misconceptions of Wicca being thrown around with ridiculous ignorance. I wanted to send out a gentle cyber hug to all my fellow witches and remind you that you are so very important to the world.

Being in tune with the cycles of the earth, planets, time itself is a dwindling talent. To believe in living and loving, healing those who ask in secrecy and celebrating the wheel of the year is not the easiest path to walk. There are those who shun in the front door and frantically demand help from the back. These are the folks who live in fear of breaking rules that even feel awkward and wrong but refuse to listen to their inner voices for they may or may not go to some imagined place after death. Feel sorrow for these poor people. To feel somistrustful of another simply because they do not follow the same set of rules as you must feel so confining.

Read the original article at: Bella

Read the original article at: Bella

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