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The Barbie Tarot

By Michelle Rush

The majority of dolls in my Barbie deck are from the modern era of Mattel, even though Barbie dolls have been around for nearly 50 years. This is partly because it is so much easier to get interesting and clear photos of the more contemporary dolls, but also because Mattel has provided far greater variety not only in costuming but in the ethnicities and facial detail of the more recent Barbies. And — purely as a matter of taste — I prefer the more subtly made up, smiling Barbies of the modern era to the pursed lips and stylized makeup of the earlier Barbies, though it’s a shame that such lovely features as rooted eyelashes are now quite rare.

Because there are so many more Barbies than Kens and because there have been several Barbie series devoted entirely to princess dolls, I decided for the Minor Arcana court cards to use princesses and princes rather than pages and knights. In addition, all of the king cards portray a couple rather than a man alone, because in the world of Barbie, what is a king without his Barbie, anyway? As a result of these changes, the parallels with imagery on the Rider-Waite deck are not as direct, though I have attempted to maintain the meanings.

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