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10 Religious Halloween Candies

Looking for a religious alternative to traditional Halloween candy? Beliefnet’s panel of experts spent hours tasting and analyzing several spiritually-minded sweets, so you don’t have to.

Sandy Candy: Bible Version
Concept: “The original teach and eat candy treat.”
Rating: You’re in search of the perfect activity for a Christian Halloween party. Why not make big, holy Pixie Stix? A Bible Candy kit comes with large plastic tubes and several bottles of sugar in colors reflecting Christian concepts (blue for baptism, green for growth, red for Jesus’ blood). Our panelists had fun layering the sugar and appreciated the “melt-in-your-mouth,” non-granular texture of the candy, which they found “flavorful” and “not overly sweet.” Sandy Candy was a winner on all fronts: taste, appearance, and entertainment value.

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