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The Faerie Faith

by Cliff Landis

The Faerie Faith is a complex Pagan tradition, with its own mystical system, that of the Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar. It is impossible to understand any one part of the tradition without looking at all of the tradition’s different components. I will try to introduce some concepts that should be kept in mind while reading this paper.

First, the Faerie Faith is a Dianic tradition, and as such places emphasis on the feminine in humanity, in nature, and in God. For ease of reading, all pronouns will be in the feminine, according to that tradition. For example, “High Priest or High Priestess” will be referred to simply as “High Priestess, ” unless noted otherwise. Similarly, pronouns such as “he or she, ” and “his or her, ” will be referred to as “she, ” or “her, ” respectively. It should be noted that individuals of both genders can and do enter the training of the Faerie Faith.

Read the original article at: Witchvox

Read the original article at: Witchvox

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