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Supernatural Secrets of Life after Death

Periodically, the Spirit of God incarnates on the earth. He appears in one, or the other, of two conditions.

1. As His Progressive Spirit of God Incarnation, He appears at approximately 1000 year intervals. He takes the form of human flesh, but He is not human. He is the Spirit of God Incarnate. He has been called Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Abraham, and Mohammed. These are different names for the same progressive incarnation of the Spirit of God. The human flesh is different, but the Spirit of God is the same in each of Them.

2. As His Universal Spirit of God Incarnation, He appears on earth at greater than 1,000,000-year intervals. That’s how HUGE this Advent is. Two hundred years ago the Spirit of God appeared in His 1,000,000-year interval incarnation. The earth continues to reel from the aftershocks. The human spirit staggers to absorb the reality of this earth-shaking event.

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