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The Laws of the Afterlife

Laws govern the physical universe: The Law of Gravity, the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, the Law of Relativity, etc. Laws also govern the afterlife. Knowledge of these laws simplifies the science of ghost hunting because one doesn’t waste time chasing superstitious concepts and non-existent entities.

Let’s bring ghost hunting out of the Dark Ages and into the light of today. We now have access to the laws of the afterlife. These laws are rational, measurable, and applicable.

Whereas the laws of classical physics only apply to the physical universe, the laws of quantum physics apply to the afterlife as well as to the physical universe. It isn’t necessary to understand these laws to apply them. We’ve used gravity for thousands of years without understanding how it works.

Read the original article at: SpiritSanctuary

Read the original article at: SpiritSanctuary

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