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Fortune -Telling With Ordinary Poker Cards

With the recent upsurge in the popularity of poker, most of us have a deck or two of playing cards lying around the house. The next time the poker party ends, why not have a little fun and test out your fortune-telling abilities?

Fortune-telling with playing cards is an age-old art, and although Tarot cards have gained immense popularity for divination since their appearance in the 15th century, there are still readers who swear by ordinary playing cards as their favored psychic tools.

While Tarot is highly symbolic in its images, symbols, color, astrological and mystical references, it shares some important basics with regular playing cards: elements and numbers.

Simply by learning the meaning of the numbers and the four basic elements represented in a regular deck of cards, you can shock Aunt Betty by describing her ideal fantasy man, or baffle your brother-in-law by predicting which stocks he plan to dump next week.

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