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The Faerie Faith

by Cliff Landis

The Faerie Faith is a complex Pagan tradition, with its own mystical system, that of the Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar. It is impossible to understand any one part of the tradition without looking at all of the tradition’s different components. I will try to introduce some concepts that should be . . . → Read More: The Faerie Faith

Supernatural Secrets of Life after Death

Periodically, the Spirit of God incarnates on the earth. He appears in one, or the other, of two conditions.

1. As His Progressive Spirit of God Incarnation, He appears at approximately 1000 year intervals. He takes the form of human flesh, but He is not human. He is the Spirit of God Incarnate. He has . . . → Read More: Supernatural Secrets of Life after Death

Doctors Are Not Gods

Susan Jacoby Author and reporter “On Faith” panelist Susan Jacoby is the author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, (2004) which was named a notable nonfiction book by The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, and cited as an outstanding international book by the Times Literary Supplement and the Guardian.

This question was . . . → Read More: Doctors Are Not Gods

The Laws of the Afterlife

Laws govern the physical universe: The Law of Gravity, the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, the Law of Relativity, etc. Laws also govern the afterlife. Knowledge of these laws simplifies the science of ghost hunting because one doesn’t waste time chasing superstitious concepts and non-existent entities.

Let’s bring ghost hunting out of the . . . → Read More: The Laws of the Afterlife

Fever Dolls

by Elizabeth Yetter

In European folk magic dolls were used for many purposes. For instance, dolls were used to represent a goddess, such as Bride, during seasonal observances.Dolls were also used in love magic to bring two people together and for protection to bind people from doing harm. Less known are the dolls that were . . . → Read More: Fever Dolls

Fortune -Telling With Ordinary Poker Cards

With the recent upsurge in the popularity of poker, most of us have a deck or two of playing cards lying around the house. The next time the poker party ends, why not have a little fun and test out your fortune-telling abilities?

Fortune-telling with playing cards is an age-old art, and although Tarot cards . . . → Read More: Fortune -Telling With Ordinary Poker Cards

What About the Atheists?

Richard Land President, Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission “On Faith” panelist Richard Land has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission since 1988.

When Christopher Hitchens observes that, “Religion is violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to . . . → Read More: What About the Atheists?

Earth Chakras

In the human body there are seven chakras. The earth also has seven. Six of these chakras are at fixed, stable locations – one on each continent, with the exception of Antarctica. (Antarctica also has many major sacred sites, but they are given different descriptive names.) The 6th chakra is mobile, and moves around the . . . → Read More: Earth Chakras

Women Behind the Wheel in Saudi Arabia?

Saudis Rethink Taboo on Women Behind the Wheel

By HASSAN M. FATTAH Published: September 28, 2007

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 27 — In a recent episode of Saudi Arabia’s most popular television show, broadcast during Ramadan this month, a Saudi man of the future is seen sitting in his house as his daughter . . . → Read More: Women Behind the Wheel in Saudi Arabia?

Correllian Nativist Church of Wicca

by Priest Alexandros

The Correllian Nativist Church International, Inc. is one of the largest and fastest growing Wiccan, Pagan and Metaphysical churches in the world today with locations and members throughout the United States and in many locations around the world.

The Correllian Nativist Church International, Inc. was founded for the purposes of promoting . . . → Read More: Correllian Nativist Church of Wicca