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Greenpeace stops 30-tonne coal shipment to Nanticoke, demands clean energy supp

Aug 30, 2007 – 10:25 EST

OTTAWA, Aug. 30 /CNW Telbec/ – Minutes ago, Greenpeace activists boarded a vessel in Lake Erie carrying 30,000 tonnes of coal to the Nanticoke Generating Station.

The activists painted “NO COAL. NO NUCLEAR. CLEAN ENERGY.” on the ship’s hull and some have locked themselves to the loading boom of . . . → Read More: Greenpeace stops 30-tonne coal shipment to Nanticoke, demands clean energy supp

The Nature of Love

by Aleister Crowley

LOVE. Now the Magus is Love, and bindeth together That and This in his Conjuration.

The Formula of Tetragrammaton is the complete mathematical expression of Love. Its essence is this: any two things unite, with a double effect; firstly, the destruction of both, accompanied by the ecstasy due to the relief of . . . → Read More: The Nature of Love

Druid Animal Lore

Imagine that you are in a forest glade, a clearing lit by shafts of sunlight that filter down through the canopy of leaves high above. For a moment it seems as if you are alone in this clearing, but then you hear the sound of scuffling hooves, and all of a sudden you see a . . . → Read More: Druid Animal Lore

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

By Yona Williams

Shu: The patron of cool dry air within ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, Shu (also referred to as Su) is depicted as a man who stands with his arms raised in the air. He is often seen holding his daughter (Nut) or standing over his son named Geb. Shu and his sister . . . → Read More: Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The Number 23

♦Aleister Crowley Refer to Chapter 69 of Aleister Crowley’sBook of Lies. 69/3=23. 6+9+3=18. 18=23-5. We could go off all day… ♦Aliens 23 Annunaki, the number of the original advance team of “aliens” who aided in the seeding of life on this planet. ♦Allen Ginsberg Allen Ginsberg died at 2:39pm April 5: 2+3+9+4+5=23. The code at . . . → Read More: The Number 23

The Dangers Of Feminism

Sarah Stefanson

I realize the title alone is sure to ruffle the feathers of more than a few proud, independent women, so before the negative reader feedback starts, hear me out. I fully enjoy my womanhood (except the menstrual stuff; I could do without that) and I believe I am entitled to everything that . . . → Read More: The Dangers Of Feminism

Wiccan widow not invited to Bush meeting


When President Bush took time Tuesday to meet family members of some of the fallen soldiers from Northern Nevada, a woman whose husband made the ultimate sacrifice was notably absent. Roberta Stewart of Fernley, who lost her husband, Sgt. Patrick Stewart, when the helicopter he was in was shot down in . . . → Read More: Wiccan widow not invited to Bush meeting

Apotropaic Magic

Apotropaic magic is a ritual observance that is intended to turn away evil. It can be as elaborate as the use of magical ceremonies or spells, or a simple as the vaguely superstitious carrying or wearing of a “good luck” token or “charm” (perhaps on a charm bracelet), crossing one’s fingers or knocking on wood. . . . → Read More: Apotropaic Magic

The Shadow Self

Sometimes, people who have been led on by books of easy spells or instant enlightenment fined there seems to be a presence lurking around them, some sort of dark shadow which is perceived at the edge of vision, by day and night. They are certain that there attempts at magick have awoken some sort of . . . → Read More: The Shadow Self

The Triple Goddess

The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the female principle, the promise of new beginnings, youth, excitement, and a carefree erotic aura. The Maiden . . . → Read More: The Triple Goddess