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Cunning Folk

by CJ Stone

Where Margaret Murray and Gerald Gardiner might have been on to something is that, though there never was a religion which could be identified as witchcraft, there were certainly some odd magical practices which survived well into the last century, and which may have had their roots in some ancient belief system. . . . → Read More: Cunning Folk

Journalling the Magical Life

Fiona Blackwolf

In addition to keeping a Book of Shadows, many Wiccan practitioners keep other records of their spiritual life & practice. While the Book of Shadows primarily is a record of magical and spiritual activities, these other books provide a place to record thoughts and feelings and other less tangible aspects of the practice. . . . → Read More: Journalling the Magical Life

How a dead frog could help you woo a lover


As a way of getting yourself a date, it would raise more than a few eyebrows nowadays. But for those desperate to win a lover in Elizabethan Britain, burying a dead frog in an anthill at a cross roads and putting it’s bones in a river was apparently a sure fire way . . . → Read More: How a dead frog could help you woo a lover

What kind of witch should I be?

Amelia Tucker I have been getting a lot of email this past week about readers asking what kind of witch they should be. This question, although taken seriously by me, can not possibly be answered in an email. Let’s look at religion and what it means to be spiritual. Since I am Wiccan, I use . . . → Read More: What kind of witch should I be?

Is Your Girlfriend Really a Witch?

By Ignatious de la Pena y de Ybarra

I hope for your sake, as well as her soul’s, that this is not the case. Only the most drastic measures can now be taken to save her–and you!

If this is unhappily the case, I suggest that you come to the Inquisition with the name . . . → Read More: Is Your Girlfriend Really a Witch?


by Anne Lombardi

All lovers of classical mythology are familiar with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Unfortunately, popular culture presents Aphrodite simply as a deity of petty desires. However contrary to such belief, Aphrodite was a unique and powerful deity whose influence was recognized in many areas of life.

The Origins . . . → Read More: Aphrodite

Norway hosts witchcraft experts

By Mike Lanchin More than 60 experts on witchcraft from across the world are gathering in a tiny Arctic town in northern Norway.

For three days in Vardo they will have discussions, lectures and the odd film show on ancient and modern sorcery.

The International Midnight Sun Witchcraft Conference is organised by Scandinavian . . . → Read More: Norway hosts witchcraft experts

Mammoths to Return?

Mason Inman

Today the only place to see woolly mammoths and people side-by-side is on The Flintstones or in the movies. But researchers are on the verge of piecing together complete genomes of long-dead species such as Neandertals and mammoths. (See a brief overview of human genetics.)

RELATED Pleistocene Park Underway: Home for Reborn . . . → Read More: Mammoths to Return?

Stories from the Thousand and One Nights.

The Story Told by the Tailor

KNOW, O King of the age, that what hath happened to me is more wonderful than the events which have happened to all the others. Before I met the humpback, I was, early in the morning, at an entertainment given to certain tradesmen of my acquaintance, consisting of . . . → Read More: Stories from the Thousand and One Nights.

Witchcraft Mentors

Author: Quix

I want to take this opportunity to convey my insights about Witchcraft mentors. A mentor is said to be a trusted counselor, guide or teacher. Add Witchcraft to this and one has the makings of a marvelous companionship.

One can generally and instinctively tell, and right away I might add, when . . . → Read More: Witchcraft Mentors