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The Lunar Rhythm

By Bob Makransky

All early calendars were lunar, and have now been replaced by a solar calendar. This is highly symbolic. The fact is that the human race in its infancy was matriarchal – the female principle always precedes the male. When the human race invented agriculture and began to stabilize waking consciousness, it . . . → Read More: The Lunar Rhythm

Million-year-old human tooth

Spanish researchers on Friday said they had unearthed a human tooth more than one million years old, which they estimated to be the oldest human fossil remain ever discovered in western Europe. Jose Maria Bermudez de Castro, co-director of research at the Atapuerca site said the molar, discovered on Wednesday in the Atapuerca Sierra in . . . → Read More: Million-year-old human tooth

The High Priestess

Continuing his journey, the Fool comes upon a beautiful and mysterious veiled lady enthroned between two pillars and illuminated by the moon. She is the opposite of the Magician, quiet where he was loquacious, still where he was in motion, sitting while he stood, shrouded in the night where he was out in the bright . . . → Read More: The High Priestess

Druidism from Ancient Times to Today

By steven moore

The Celts were Polytheistic and their priestly class was called the druids. The Druidic Priesthood was broken down into three Ranks which were in order the following: Ovate, Bard, Druid. The Ovates were the lowest ranking and they were diviners and healers. Next in rank were the bards. they learned all the . . . → Read More: Druidism from Ancient Times to Today

Radio Rookies: One Atheist, 14 Catholics

by Sonia Ponce NEW YORK, NY June 26, 2007 —Radio Rookie Sonia Ponce is the only atheist among her parent’s 13 children—a fact that often leaves her feeling misunderstood and tired of explaining that just because she doesn’t believe in God, she doesn’t worship the devil.

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SONIA: When I meet people . . . → Read More: Radio Rookies: One Atheist, 14 Catholics


A grimoire is a book describing magical beliefs and practices, written between the late-medieval period and the 18th century. Such books contain astrological correspondences, lists of angels and demons, directions on casting charms and spells, on mixing medicines, summoning unearthly entities, and making talismans. “Magical” books in almost any context, especially books of magical spells, . . . → Read More: Grimoires


In China, the bat is a symbol of good luck and happiness. This is probably because the word for bat, “fu” sounds like the word for happines. The Chinese god of happiness is called Fu-xing; he is often represented by a bat and in human form he has bats embroidered on his robes. Five bats . . . → Read More: Bats

Sun in Cancer – Welcome Summer !

By Donna Juzva The Summer Solstice, which occurs each year on or about June 21, not only heralds the beginning of summer but also marks the entrance of the sun into the sign of Cancer. It is at the summer solstice, that we experience the longest day of the year and the sun is highest . . . → Read More: Sun in Cancer – Welcome Summer !

The Thousand and One Nights

The Barber’s Story of Himself

I WAS living in Baghdad, in the reign of the Prince of the Faithful El-Muntasir bi-llah 1, who loved the poor and indigent, and associated with the learned and virtuous; and it happened, one, day, that he was incensed against ten persons, in consequence of which, he ordered . . . → Read More: The Thousand and One Nights

Esoteric Secrecy

by Robert Searle

I. Direct Mystical Experience is not the same as Intellectual Knowledge.

Direct mystical experience is totally different to intellectual knowledge. This is the key reason why meditational practices are kept “secret”. With mysticism we are dealing with higher realities that are very difficult to describe accurately in the language of this . . . → Read More: Esoteric Secrecy