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Hex/Heal — A Package Deal

Author: Kuldunia

The saying that ‘A Witch who cannot hex, cannot heal’ is one that generates a remarkable amount of tension and heated debate in modern Pagan society. As with many aphorisms, its very conciseness can lead to a variety of interpretations, from the extremely precise to the broadly general.

In order to support or refute any statement, an agreed definition or comprehension of the content must be determined. Since agreed definitions seldom seem to happen in Pagan society, I will proceed by interpreting the intent of the statement as literally as possible: to me, this statement refers to the completeness of a Witch’s abilities and education. The ability to ‘work magic’ is not available as a partial subscription. If you have the ability to hex, you also have the ability to heal and vice-versa.

(Thanks to Mystica for the inspiration!)

Read the original article at: witchvox

Read the original article at: witchvox

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