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Witch conference underway

by Nina Berland

Hundreds of women were burned at the stake in Norway’s northern city of Vardø in the early 1600s, accused of witchcraft. This week people gathered to draw parallels between the city’s dark history and modern-day discrimination. “If we’d lived 300 to 400 years ago, we’d probably have been burned at the stake, too,” said a smiling Fisheries Minister Helga Pedersen, with a serious undertone. Pedersen opened the conference in the far northern city on Thursday.

Pedersen said many women were accused of witchcraft because they didn’t conform to male expectations at the time. She noted that women continue to face discrimination, and suffer, in many countries around the world, because they don’t dress the way men think they should, say things men disagree with or fall in love with someone other than the man their male family members have chosen for them.

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