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The Lunar Rhythm

By Bob Makransky

All early calendars were lunar, and have now been replaced by a solar calendar.  This is highly symbolic. The fact is that the human race in its infancy was matriarchal – the female principle always precedes the male. When the human race invented agriculture and began to stabilize waking consciousness, it also passed its baton to the males.  Heretofore the males hadn’t done much of the work of keeping society glued together.  What little “thinking” was being done was being done by the women. The culture – in the sense of religion, science, technology, crafts, literature, etc. – was in the hands of the women, who handed it all over to the men at the time agriculture was invented.

The calendar was originally invented by the women who made it lunar because it was precisely the ebb and flow of lunar rhythms that they were trying to track.  You only need a solar calendar when you’re doing agriculture because the work you do revolves around the seasons. And although hunting and gathering were also seasonal (depending on what game and plants were available in what season), this wasn’t so much a part of primitive peoples’ existence. They were vaguely aware of the yearly cycle, but didn’t think in those terms much because they had no need to plan much of anything.

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