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Druidism from Ancient Times to Today

By steven moore

The Celts were Polytheistic and their priestly class was called the druids. The Druidic Priesthood was broken down into three Ranks which were in order the following: Ovate, Bard, Druid. The Ovates were the lowest ranking and they were diviners and healers. Next in rank were the bards. they learned all the Celtic legends and learned how to play the lyre.

After learning the legends and music, the bards would go around the countryside and gather information to bring back to the druids as they told the legends to music. If a King did not sho the proper hospitality then a druid would come up with a song that would make fun of the king. This would cause the king to lose face among his people. This type of song was called a satire. The Druids were the highest rank in the priesthood. They were lawyers, judges, scholars and main advisor to a king on all matters. The druids were the power behind the thrown because no king made a move without consulting his druid advisor. The Romans and Christianity put an end to the ancient druids.

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