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All hell breaks out

By MARC HORNE SOME would call it the Devil’s work. Two ancient religions have locked horns in a bizarre “freedom of speech” row that is echoing around the corridors of one of Scotland’s oldest academic institutions.

The University of Edinburgh has granted permission to the Pagan Society to hold its annual conference – involving . . . → Read More: All hell breaks out

Ritual and its use (abuse) by Humanity

Many people that get involved in occult matters often wonder at the usefulness of ritual. What is it, and how is it beneficial? Is it beneficial at all, or is it merely an elaborate way of filling in time until we die? The Human species have always struck me as quite bizarre creatures. Not the . . . → Read More: Ritual and its use (abuse) by Humanity

Wiccaning or Paganing?

by Pywackett

What is a Wiccaning or Paganing? A Wiccaning or Paganins is a time to dedicate your child to the God and Goddess and also to name him or her. Wiccans call it Wiccaning, Pagans call it Paganing. It is also known as Witching. It is very similar to Baptizing.

When is it done? . . . → Read More: Wiccaning or Paganing?

Sea Monsters

by Dennis L. Finnan, Commentator

What has red eyes, a head like a camel’s, three humps and fins? Well, although skeptics will say nothing, Dr. Paul LeBlond a respected oceanographer at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver says – a SEA MONSTER! Yes, that’s right a SEA MONSTER. Today humanistic anthropologists, psychiatrists and other students . . . → Read More: Sea Monsters

East Anglian Folk Magic and Witchcraft

by Michael Clarke

From the late from the 18th, to the early 20th century the folk magic and witchcraft that I am about to describe may surprise some people. In East Anglia today as elsewhere there are to be found groups of Modern witches, some of whom call themselves Wiccans and some Traditional Witches They . . . → Read More: East Anglian Folk Magic and Witchcraft

Blue moon tonight

By Julie Sevrens Lyons First thing’s first: It isn’t blue.

And really, it isn’t all that rare.

But the astronomical event that was the inspiration for the Marcels’ timeless doo-wop hit – and is the namesake of a beer, a bluegrass band and even an alpaca breeding ranch – will appear in North America at . . . → Read More: Blue moon tonight

Pequots anticipate traditional gathering

by Gale Courey Toensing

In 1675, the colony of Connecticut passed a series of laws governing the Pequot Indians, including prohibitions against non-Christian forms of worship.

”That whosoever shall expose or speake against the onely living & true God, the creator & ruler of all things, shall be brought to some English court . . . → Read More: Pequots anticipate traditional gathering

The Sea of Expanding Shapes

With all this, you might just be wondering exactly what shape is the “Triangle.” You would not be the first. No two researchers or authors ever agreed, although most were in accord that the Sargasso Sea and the area of the strict triangle between Miami, San Juan and Bermuda embodies the greatest part.

Many have . . . → Read More: The Sea of Expanding Shapes

Midsummer’s Night

By Linda J. Paul The Summer Solstice represents the middle of summer. The days start to get shorter once again, and the wheel of the year cycle turns once again toward the coming Autumn. The Summer Solstice falls on the 21st of June and is also known as Midsummer’s Day.

However, most of the festivities . . . → Read More: Midsummer’s Night

The Healing Path of Difficult Relationships

By Elleise Whether it’s time to press on or find inspiration in that second honeymoon, approaching the situation with a twist can help in making the best decision possible.

When difficulties in romance find their way into the lives of people who want nothing more than the best for everyone, not only can it . . . → Read More: The Healing Path of Difficult Relationships