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Psionics – Practical Application of Psychic Awareness

Can psychic powers be used for detrimental purposes? What are the limits of psychic ability? Certainly some inferences can be obtained by drawing upon the history, the literature, and the folk-wisdom of psi. I sometimes use the term “psionics,” taken from the science fiction literature, to describe the applied branch of psi exploration.

Psionics . . . → Read More: Psionics – Practical Application of Psychic Awareness

The Asphodel Tradition

by AVO

The Asphodel Tradition, known legally as the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel and colloquially as the Pagan Kingdom of Asphodel, is an eclectic Neo-Pagan legal church inspired by sacred mythic tradition, and committed to diversity and devotion to the Gods.

The Pagan Kingdom of Asphodel was founded in the mid-1990s by Raven Kaldera, . . . → Read More: The Asphodel Tradition

The Nature Spirits – Part 1 of 4

By C. Leigh McGinley & Mauro Bruno

Many people are drawn to certain trees, where they find comfort and peace. Others are attracted to a natural place, such as a waterfall or an especially pretty spot in the mountains. Often people will find they have an affinity and admiration for a particular animal, or find . . . → Read More: The Nature Spirits – Part 1 of 4

About May Day


JOY AND THEN SOME…The most joyful image of May Day, or May 1, is of people in spring clothes dancing around a large pole with pastel streamers hanging from it. According to, that image might not be so innocent. In pagan Europe, May Day was celebrated as the holiday of spring . . . → Read More: About May Day

Sensory Enhancement Exercises

by Phil Hine

One of the foundations of being a magician is the ability to be aware of things which most other people are not. Now there is a great deal of mystification woven around this sort of ‘awareness’ and you may meet people who claim to be able to see auras, chakras, spirit guides . . . → Read More: Sensory Enhancement Exercises

An Open Letter to Young Seekers

Sana Karine (Zanetta Wilson)

If you are under 18, you will probably already have noticed that young folks generally elicit different reactions from adults in the Pagan community than what you’d like. You’ve probably had a great deal of difficulty finding someone to answer your questions honestly, or a respected teacher who is willing or . . . → Read More: An Open Letter to Young Seekers

Burning climax to pagan festival

By Dee Adcock

DOLMEN Grove druids and witches are staging one of the biggest pagan festivals in England this weekend – complete with a giant wicker man made in a Weymouth garden. The figure plays a leading role in the Beltane Spirit of Rebirth Festival at Burnbake camp site near Corfe Castle when it will . . . → Read More: Burning climax to pagan festival

Being a Hedgewitch

The term hedgewitch derives from original German and is a phrase that means ‘rider of the hedge’. In the old days, these people lived on the edges of the community, were practical in their service to society, and lived by herbs, nature, prophecy and divination as well as magic and healing. The hedgewitch’s practical approach . . . → Read More: Being a Hedgewitch

Bewitched for four generations

By Emily Wilcox

His great-aunt Marion was born with a veil, what is referred to in medical terms as a “caul.” It’s a hood of porous skin that covers the head of a newborn. It’s extremely rare to be born with a caul, which, for many, indicates a “third eye” or heightened psychic ability. She . . . → Read More: Bewitched for four generations

David Suzuki vs. John Baird

One of this country’s most respected environmentalists took his concerns about Ottawa’s greenhouse gas strategy straight to the environment minister. David Suzuki confronted Environment Minister John Baird in the audience at an environmental consumer show in Toronto on Friday where both were speaking. Suzuki, who cut a path through the crowd to reach the minister, . . . → Read More: David Suzuki vs. John Baird