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Trowie Magic

Although the trows were said to possess magical powers, few details of what these powers were have come to be recorded. However, one distinctly magical thing the trow could do was to ride rapidly through the air using “bulwands”- the stems of the Common Dock plant – as flying mounts. According to some accounts the trows would use a magical chant in order to fly and one such tale tells of a man who, one night before going to bed, stepped outside for a breath of air in his shirt and underwear.

Needless to say he was slightly surprised to see a band of trows fly past, muttering some words as they hurtled by. The curious man repeated the words and immediately found himself thrown through the air among the trowie host. The man was carried along for a time until the group finally came to rest on the roof of a house in which a woman was in labour. Somehow the trows knew – more magic perhaps? – that as soon as the poor woman gave birth to the infant she would sneeze three times. This was to be the wicked little creatures’ cue – if none of the mortals present at the birth sained the woman after her sneezing bout, they planned on exchanging her for an image and carrying her away.

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