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The Nature Spirits – Part 2 of 4

By C. Leigh McGinley & Mauro Bruno

Spirits of Water
Water has been revered since the earliest times. It is the primary symbol of life and vitality. In Celtic belief, natural water such as occurs in springs, ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers contain indwelling spirits that must be acknowledged and honored.

Celtic rivers have their own indwelling deities, which express their character. In all the former Celtic areas, the rivers are named for a goddess. For example, in Ireland, the river Boyne is named after the goddess Boann and the river Shannon is named after Sinann. Both came into being when the goddesses profaned the holy well— Boann, the Well of Segais, and Sinann, the Well of Coelrind. Both wells overflowed, forming mighty rivers. Surviving legends that tell the origin of Irish rivers suggest that every Celtic river originally had its personal mythos and presiding deity. The Danube is thought to be named after the goddess Danu.

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