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Exploring Beyond Limits

By Brian Mercer

During my first conscious out-of-body experience, I encountered the woman I would one day marry.

It was the Saturday night before my final semester in college and I was enjoying some personal reading time before being inundated by next week’s wave of classes and homework. The book I was perusing was . . . → Read More: Exploring Beyond Limits

Trowie Magic

Although the trows were said to possess magical powers, few details of what these powers were have come to be recorded. However, one distinctly magical thing the trow could do was to ride rapidly through the air using “bulwands”- the stems of the Common Dock plant – as flying mounts. According to some accounts the . . . → Read More: Trowie Magic

Threads of Hope


AN UNUSUAL EXHIBITION of feminist art in the form of contemporary handmade quilts that incorporate many sacred symbols prominent in Goddess spirituality is drawing attention in the Valley.

Her search led her to read books highlighting the images and symbols of Goddess spirituality. In 2004 she had a dream in . . . → Read More: Threads of Hope

The Nature Spirits – Part 2 of 4

By C. Leigh McGinley & Mauro Bruno

Spirits of Water Water has been revered since the earliest times. It is the primary symbol of life and vitality. In Celtic belief, natural water such as occurs in springs, ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers contain indwelling spirits that must be acknowledged and honored.

Celtic rivers have . . . → Read More: The Nature Spirits – Part 2 of 4

About Fluffy Bunnies

by Chris K Underwood

Lets Talk about Fluffy Bunnies again. But before we get into the observation I mentioned we should first define what a “Fluffy Bunny” is for those who may not be familiar with the term. Simply put a “Fluff Bunny” is in most opinions is derogatory term to describe a Wiccan, Neo-pagan, . . . → Read More: About Fluffy Bunnies

chapel’s music ‘code’

A father and son team from Edinburgh think they have found a secret piece of music hidden in carvings at a famous medieval chapel in Midlothian. Stuart Mitchell, 41 and his father Tommy, 75, said they had deciphered a musical code locked in the stones of Rosslyn Chapel for more than 500 years.

They . . . → Read More: chapel’s music ‘code’

The pendulum’s swing

By Duncan Adams

Edgar Allan Poe paired a pendulum with menace. In some circles, the pendulum and its swing have been accorded special, even occult powers. Many believe that the pendulum’s mesmerizing motion induces hypnosis. Others say the steady sweep, followed by stillness, enables fortune telling.

Roch Preite operates Pendulum Hypnotic Solutions in Old Bethpage, . . . → Read More: The pendulum’s swing

Simple ways to celebrate Beltane

Beltaine is an anglicization of the Irish “Bealtaine” or the Scottish “Bealtuinn.” While “tene” clearly means “fire,” nobody really knows whether Bel refers to Belenus, a pastoral god of the Gauls, or is from “bel,” simply meaning “brilliant.” It might even derive from “bil tene” or “lucky fire” because to jump between two Beltane fires . . . → Read More: Simple ways to celebrate Beltane

Wiccans hail VA decision

By Jennifer Garza All Roberta Stewart wanted was a pentacle on her husband’s headstone.

She didn’t think it was too much to ask. After all, her husband had died while serving this country, and his religious beliefs — he was a Wiccan — were important to him. But then Stewart learned that the Department of . . . → Read More: Wiccans hail VA decision

Philadelphia police shut down psychics under little-known law

They never saw it coming. City inspectors shut down more than a dozen psychics, astrologers and tarot-card readers after learning about a decades-old state law that bans fortune telling for profit. Inspectors did not make arrests or issue fines, “but they will if these people try to return to work,” said Dominic Verdi, deputy commissioner . . . → Read More: Philadelphia police shut down psychics under little-known law