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Time to Let Go of “Witchcraft?”

by Jennifer Emick

Well, some pagans, anyway. The East Bay Express has posted a brief “primer” on [Neo]Paganism which muddies the issues up more than explicate them. The brief article obviously means to describe neopagans, but inappropriately uses the broader term Pagan, an broad category which includes many pre-Wiccan faiths with little or no relationship to modern Neopaganism. I also have to take issue with the notion that witchcraft is a ‘subcategory’ of Neopaganism, when there are again many witchcraft traditions that have little relationship with the modern notion of an ‘earth-based’ Wiccan/Neopagan witch. The truth is, the majority of the world’s ‘witches’ are not Wiccans and are not likely to have any Wiccan influence at all- and the same can also be said for the majority of the world’s pagans.

Read the original article at: About

Read the original article at: About

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