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Magic – past and present

Magic in Babylon and Persia: The earliest documented ancient nation who knew magic were probably the Chaldeans, a Semitic Babylonian tribe who lived in the estuaries of the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. The Babylonians worshipped idols that represented the stars. They believed that all natural phenomena, as well as human fate, are under the influence of the stars. They were the pioneers of astrology. Their observations, from the third millennium on, were gradually systematised into formal prognostications, based on astrological and astronomical calculations, regarding the effectiveness of any human undertaking. Chaldean priests and magicians interpreted the movements of the heavenly bodies, the rising and setting of the sun, eclipses, etc to determine their influence on the lives of men. The interpreters were attached to a particular temple, and their decisions were accepted not only by the people at large but by the rulers themselves.

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