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How to positively impact an online community

by Zentross

Even though I started my involvement with online communities with a single newsgroup, I constantly see community elders (those with a longer posting history) become increasingly frustrated by new posters. Because of the first experience, I have learned the basics for becoming part of the online community in a mutually beneficial manner. I have also come across a few different personalities that can be useful to spot. The things I have learned in that newsgroup are as follows :

1) Read through as many posts and threads as possible before posting your first introduction.
2) If asking for help, *always* read the frequently asked questions (faq’s) first. ( I am still far from having this one thoroughly tattooed into my skull, but am also reminded of the fact frequently.)
3) When asking for help, give an accurate account of the question in the subject and a discussion of what you have already tried in the body. Not very descriptive subjects, such as ‘HELP!’ cause the curious to take a glance that may result in an answer, but not of the quality that would amount to help.

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