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bird flu vaccine to Canada

By Helen Branswell GAITHERSBURG, MD. (CP) – Canadians and Americans worried about the possibility of an H5N1 pandemic may eventually be able to get themselves pre-emptively vaccinated against the virulent virus.

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline revealed Tuesday it is exploring with Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration how it might bring to . . . → Read More: bird flu vaccine to Canada

Global Marijuana March, May 5th 2007

by Cannabis Culture Magazine

First and foremost, we apologize for the old information and lack of updates. Jodie Emery will be taking over this page and posting fresh material regarding the 2007 Global Marijuana March. Expect information to be added soon.

Cannabis Culture Magazine and its publisher Marc Emery are strong supporters of the Global . . . → Read More: Global Marijuana March, May 5th 2007

Peace to the Skies Prophecies

by Tira Brandon Evans

Recently, one of the members of our Celticshaman group sparked a discussion of prophecy. She was wondering if there were any famous prophecies in the Celtic tradition similar to those preserved by the Christians and Mayans. She was asking if our Celtic speaking ancestors had a tradition of apocalytic predictions. . . . → Read More: Peace to the Skies Prophecies

Hitler and the New Age

Jonathan Skinner

Schloss Mittersill, a castle in Austria was used by Hitler as the headquarters of a branch of the infamous SS Gestapo and their secret task was to research occult power for military ends. Having stumbled on this piece of dark history while visiting this castle buried in the Austrian Alps, I returned . . . → Read More: Hitler and the New Age

Working Dogs: Five Inspirational Tales

Working Dogs: Five Inspirational Tales

Making the decision to have a baby is a tremendous responsibility – but imagine being hearing impaired and wondering how you would care for the little person about to enter your life. That is Vancouver-resident Kimberly Cadigan’s reality – and her attitude is, “Bring it on!”

Why? Because Kim has . . . → Read More: Working Dogs: Five Inspirational Tales

Total eclipse of the moon

The world’s first total eclipse of the moon since October 2004 will happen early in the evening on March 3. Totality will begin at 5:44 p.m. EST and end at 6:58 p.m. EST, allowing those in the eastern half of the United States a leisurely view. The farther east you are, the better the view . . . → Read More: Total eclipse of the moon

Should Healers Charge for Healing?

By Lauren Ravenstar The question of whether healers should charge in return for giving healing is an ongoing debate. Here I present the arguments as I see them & my own view on this thorny issue.

In the ‘Healing Should be Free’ camp the reasoning runs:

-Healing is a ‘God given’ gift; as such it . . . → Read More: Should Healers Charge for Healing?

Witchcraft and its Punishment

Perhaps no chapter in human history is more revolting than the chapter which records the wild belief in witchcraft and the merciless punishments meted out for it in Western Europe in the century just preceding the Protestant Reformation and the succeeding century. The mania spread from Rome and Spain to Bremen and Scotland. Popes, lawyers, . . . → Read More: Witchcraft and its Punishment

Hate Magazine’s List of “Satantic Cults”

NOTE: The following list is excerpted in its entirety from the February and March 1988 issues of Criminal Intelligence Report (“America’s Only Professional Crime News Magazine”), pages 14-17 and 9-13 respectively. These lists are accompanied by an article in the February issue entitled “Satanism and Crime.” According to the magazine, the following churches, organizations, and . . . → Read More: Hate Magazine’s List of “Satantic Cults”

Two women killed in PNG after witchcraft claims

PORT MORESBY – Two elderly women accused of practising witchcraft in Papua New Guinea were tortured and murdered by a group of men who dragged their bodies to a riverbank and burnt them, police say.

A manhunt is under way for the offenders following Monday’s killings near the banks of the Bumbu River in the . . . → Read More: Two women killed in PNG after witchcraft claims