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VEGANS: Modern Day Witches 

by Brother Harry Hardwick

Witches have learned a lot since the days of the Puritans. They’ve learned that if they show their hideous faces in public, it won’t just be their warts we burn off. So, they’ve had to go undercover in their efforts to recruit the weak-willed to the service of their master . . . → Read More: VEGANS: Modern Day Witches 

Descent’s Alchemy

Shortly before his death Carl Jung commented that we are perhaps looking at the world from the wrong side. “We might find the right answer,” he says “by changing our point of view and looking…not from the outside, but from the inside” (Jaffé 216). James Hillman expresses the sense of this “inside” advantage we are . . . → Read More: Descent’s Alchemy

Pagans Banish Bad Spirits

Pagans turned out in force on Saturday evening to try their hands a’wassailing. Around 200 people, many carrying lanterns and torches, joined the procession from Victoria Park to the Ham Green orchard to dedicate next year’s apple crop. Local folk group The Pill Whalers led the singing of the Apple Tree Blessing before the trees . . . → Read More: Pagans Banish Bad Spirits

The Theft of a Spirit

By Linda J. Paul During my four day stay at home with the flu, I had time to lay there and think about all kinds of things, albeit, some of them were a bit delirious, but it also gave me the opportunity to pick up some books from my vast library of eclectic reading that . . . → Read More: The Theft of a Spirit

On Tyra – “Mysterious Lives of Witches”

Do you believe in magic? Tyra meets some of the 400,000 people in the United States who call themselves witches and explores their mysterious world of spells and rituals. Three women claim they are “white witches” or “good witches,” but have been tormented due to their beliefs. Then the “good witches” agree to pull back . . . → Read More: On Tyra – “Mysterious Lives of Witches”


by Micha F. Lindemans

Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is the eldest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The gods learned of a prophecy which stated that the wolf and his family would one day be responsible for the destruction of the world. . . . → Read More: Fenrir

Hobbit cave digs set to restart

Archaeologists who found the remains of human “Hobbits” have gained permission to restart excavations at the cave where the specimens were found. Indonesian officials have blocked access to the cave since 2005, following a dispute over the bones.

But Professor Richard “Bert” Roberts, a member of the team that found the specimens, told BBC . . . → Read More: Hobbit cave digs set to restart

The Invisible Sex Dance of Psychedelic Spiders

By Jeanna Bryner As if dressed for a psychedelic rave, jumping spiders sport glowing patches on their bodies to lure in eight-legged mates, a new study finds.

Jumping spiders of both sexes are known for their excellent eyesight, particularly in the ultraviolet wavelengths, and male jumping spiders are equipped with UV-reflecting scales that glow . . . → Read More: The Invisible Sex Dance of Psychedelic Spiders

Consciousness and Life

Translated by John Claverley Cartney

The word “consciousness” is customarily understood as having a double-meaning: (a) the substance, or content, of experience; and (b) the critical empiricism which observes that experience. In experience, we occupy a station within consciousness, whereas during the process of empirical apprehension, we stand outside experience. The first state possesses actuality . . . → Read More: Consciousness and Life

Another Pagan History (Part 11)

by A.C. Fisher Aldag

The last several essays were focused on the Pagan Gods, Old, New and Otherwise. We checked out Cernunnos in number eight. We’ve explored Goddess worship ancient (we think) and modern, including the Goddess of the Moon and a Triple Goddess. This time, we’ll take a look at some goddesses of . . . → Read More: Another Pagan History (Part 11)