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My Body, My Temple…or Something Like That

Author: Strahbary

There is the phrase, “my body is my temple.” Usually this strikes up images of weight obsessed women who eat nothing but organic foods, work out a minimum of three hours per day and practice rather odd body rituals. I like to think of the phrase’s meaning in a more spiritual light, . . . → Read More: My Body, My Temple…or Something Like That

Potter’s Morals vs. Bible’s Magic

by Wayne Dunn

Christians have it backward. If you’re worried about your child obsessing over magic, it’s not Harry Potter you should guard against; it’s the Bible. Author J.K. Rowling doesn’t bill her writing as anything other than fiction. Youngsters are thrilled as the courageous and incorruptible Potter overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieves his . . . → Read More: Potter’s Morals vs. Bible’s Magic

The Blessingway Ceremony

The Blessingway Ceremony held before childbirth is as old as the Navajo people. In its myths and chants it chronicles the birth and puberty of Changing Woman and the birth of her twin sons. As a ritual centered on the feminine rites-of-passage, this ceremony has been a major source of inspiration to midwives and birthing . . . → Read More: The Blessingway Ceremony


by Philip Heselton

KATHERINE LOUISE OLDMEADOW, Children’s Writer and Member of the New Forest Coven? In my book ”Wiccan Roots – Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival”, I wrote at length about my investigations into claims that Dorothy Clutterbuck had been involved in the witchcraft tradition into which Gerald Gardner claimed to have been . . . → Read More: KATHERINE LOUISE OLDMEADOW

Passport restrictions

By Doug Cuthand new chapter began this week in Canada’s relationship with the United States with new American regulations that require passports for air passengers entering the U.S. All non-Americans need a passport to enter the U.S. and Americans require one to re-enter.

This is not going over well in Indian Country and for good . . . → Read More: Passport restrictions

Kegel exercises – strengthening the pelvic floor

Kegel is one of the most basic and easiest ways to enjoy a more satisfying sex life. Kegel is a “sexercise” – a sexual exercise that improves your capacity for sexual pleasure – and is for everyone regardless of age. When done on a regular basis, they can assist you with achieving a quicker, more . . . → Read More: Kegel exercises – strengthening the pelvic floor

Tatzelwurm (Swiss Dragon)

The tatzelwurm is a dragon-like beast reported from the Alps of Switzerland, plus nearby Austria and France, where is is often known by different names. The tatzelwurm looks something like a lizard or snake. It has smooth hairless skin covered with delicate scales. The tatzelwurm can grow to at least six feet long, but some . . . → Read More: Tatzelwurm (Swiss Dragon)

Many roads exist on way to spirituality

By Mary Adamski Stories and pictures of people attempting to revive that old-time religion made the news this week. About two dozen believers serious about their roots, proud of their culture, tried to relive their history. They draped themselves in togas and congregated at a formerly sacred site in a formerly holy season to sing . . . → Read More: Many roads exist on way to spirituality

Book Review Monsters

By Deanna Joseph Tales throughout time have spoken of monsters and frightening beings and things that go “bump” in the night, and for most people these tales are as close to the unknown as they are willing to get. But for those few who find their curiosity peaked when they hear of local hauntings or . . . → Read More: Book Review Monsters

Why Go Skyclad?

by Jenny DevilDoll

I’m not sure exactly how the topic came up. It was several hours worth of driving to an upstate gig, and our guitarist Lisssa was meticulously examining a Weight Watchers guide and informing us how many “points” different alcoholic drinks had. I think this segued into a discussion of all things body-image . . . → Read More: Why Go Skyclad?