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The Concept of Evil

The sixteenth century Swiss born French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau stated: “Our greatest evil flows from ourselves.” For far too long, we have projected the fundamental causes, and responsibility for, evil outside ourselves; and religion is one of the underlying influences of such psychological projection and rationalization. From the questionable behavior of the Greek gods, to our present concepts about God’s Vengeance, and the idea of Satan: Western civilization has always institutionalized evil by proclaiming its source in the transcendent. Evil is psychologically acceptable because we rationalize that we have no ultimate control over it. Other religious ideals also offer projections to their followers; some claiming there is no evil at all. Or, fate or destiny over which we have no control preordains evil acts. These projectionary ideals not only make it very difficult to offer a definition of evil, they provide an excuse whereby evil gets woven into the fabric of society, as well as a crutch for personal shortcomings.

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